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Meet Major Whittenburg!

  With less than 30 days left before election, Mayor Steve Benjamin has decided to endorse candidate Major Melvin Whittenburg for the office SC Secretary of State. 

On November 6, Vote Major (Retired) Whittenburg as our next Secretary of State.  Yes, Major Whittenburg would become our State’s first African American Executive since Reconstruction, but He is a proven proactive leader, a servant and business man who will tear down the glass wall, bring Honor, Integrity, Creativity, and Broadband accessibility to all South Carolinians that will positively contribute to the State’s revenue and minimize taxpayer funding.

Its my commitment to ALL South Carolinians that has earned me an endorsement from Mayor Steve Benjamin. Mayor Benjamin serves as the 36th and current mayor of Columbia, SC. He is the first African American mayor in the history of Columbia, SC. Mayor Benjamin currently serves as the President of the United States Conference of Mayors. I am honored that he has decided to support me in my race to become SC's next Secretary of State.

Major Whittenburg Gets An Endorsement From "Nelly"

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Melvin Whittenburg

As the people’s representatives, we are elected to uphold our constitution and support democracy in our nation. This is what I, Melvin Whittenburg, believe in and stand for. I am running to be the next South Carolina Secretary of State.

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